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How to leverage your efforts for long-term benefits

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Have you ever thought that you could continue making money from things that you created in the past?  Listen up (or read on) . . . 

This pandemic has pushed us all to be innovative and think of ways to pivot in order to continue making an income.  For some, it's actually opened doors to the idea of starting something new, now that the whole world is online, including children's activities.

Many of us have taken the plunge and provided our language experiences online during lockdown.

And what a huge learning experience it's been!

[Even if you're just starting out (or thinking about starting), take the time to continue reading, or listen to this episode, as it's really exciting to realise all the possiblities that lay ahead of us.]

Now that things are gradually going back to normal, and in many places we're able to start running our language sessions live, in-person again (even if it's only outside with a limited number of participants), two questions arise . . . 

1. Did you enjoy your online sessions, and would you like to keep creating videos and inspiring families online?

Would you consider having your online sessions as a second branch of your offerings, providing a second source of income?


With one video, you can inspire new children/families both now and well into the future.  For the time it takes to create that one video, you can make an income from it again and again and again.

Think of how that differs from planning and providing one language session in-person.  You have those who come and participate, paying for the wonderful experience you create, and then . . . that's it - gone.

There's a limit to how many people you can have in one session.
And a limit to how many sessions you can run with your available time.
Therefore there's a limit to how much income you can make when you're just on your own.

But online . . . that one effort can spread its wings and carry on indefinitely.


ONLY if you enjoy it.

This is the most important part.

You simply must enjoy your sessions, whether they be in-person or online.
Otherwise you will come to resent them, and then you'll stop.

So don't push yourself to make videos just for the money.  It's a great idea, but it's not easy to get your work out there in front of the right audience and constantly grow, so it's important that you really want to do it.
If you HAVE enjoyed making videos or doing live Zoom sessions, think about continuing to do so, either as your feature offering, or as a secondary offering in addition to in-person sessions.

2. What can you do with all those videos that you've ALREADY recorded?

Are they just going to sit there and gather dust?

No way!!

You can continue to provide value to your families by packaging those videos up into fun BONUS products that families can choose to purchase to complement their in-person experiences.

How cool is that?

So those videos could continue to bring in some additional $$ for as long as you have them available.

Imagine saying to all your new/potential participants,
"Come and join the fun with my weekly sessions, and you can also enhance your French/Spanish/Mandarin (fill in your language) experience at home with these videos!" 

You could even create it as a package that is automatically included as part of the whole amazing experience that you offer, and then raise your fees to include everything.  That could be really fun for your families!

So . . . whether or not you've already been doing videos, or you've been planning on making some videos, keep this perspective in mind  . . . 

Be creative with how you can leverage your efforts to bring you long-term benefits.  And not just with videos.  You could make books, playsheets, games that you sell in addition to your sessions.  And be sure to save any "live" videos that you make in Facebook or wherever . . . they can be packaged also - people love that live feel!

It's brilliant!

I'd love to hear your ideas.  Jump into our free Facebook group and let me know!

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Leverage your creativity.

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