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The Secret  to Overcoming Self-Criticism and Learning to Feel Fabulous About Your Language Sessions (no matter how the children react).

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Do you tend to be very critical of yourself and your performance?

Isn't it funny; it seems to be that no matter how well we do, we'll manage to pick out the one thing that didn't work, or that we could have done better, and we'll focus on that.

It's very common.

But I certainly do NOT want you to be leaving your own language sessions feeling any sense of self-criticism.  I want you to arrive feeling FABULOUS, and leave feeling FABULOUS.

And I have the secret . . . are you ready for it?

I encourage you to choose an attitude of EXPERIMENTATION and FASCINATION.


Adopt the mindset that you will enjoy the experience and come out feeling really good, no matter the reaction of the children.

Sometimes we'll have the most brilliant time; the kids are super engaged, they're laughing and saying all your words in your language . . . you can just FEEL it when you hit it just right!

Other times, despite the best of plans and game ideas, you'll turn up full of enthusiasm and then your game just falls flat.  It happens.

And then it's easy to walk away saying silly things to yourself:

"That was no good - 

nobody liked it'

nobody will come back

the parents won't be happy"

Feeling like this and saying these things to yourself serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

Instead, IMAGINE how you could feel . . . 

if you were to approach every single session with the idea of it being an EXPERIMENT.  With an attitude of CURIOSITY.  Of  FASCINATION.  Just  like a science experiment . . . 

Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I added this ingredient, and then I took that action.

Maybe it will explode!

Maybe it will turn green.

Maybe it will turn into gold.

You see?  Approaching it with curiosity allows us to stay in a state of discovery.

What went well?  What made the children laugh? What did I do to create that reaction?  I'll do that again.

What didn't go well?  How could I do it differently?
What could I add or remove to create more engagement?

I wonder what would happen if I tried . . . . . ..

Then do that next time and see!

What was the reaction?

Just like a science experiment.


Because then nothing that happens during our session, no reactions that the children give us, nothing we say or do, is open to any sort of self-criticism, because we're going to come away with that same sense of having learnt something; of having discovered something useful.

It all comes back to that growth mindset.

That's the secret.

Now go and experiment!

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Be fascinated.

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