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One Simple Step to Find People Who Are Interested in Your Sessions


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So you have this great idea about creating a fun language experience for kids.

Now what?

PLEASE . . .don't just leave that cool idea in your head.  There are people out there who would just LOVE what you want to offer.

Let's start finding them with this one easy step . . . 

Just start TALKING.

Sounds a bit too easy, yeah?

Besides, who would you even start talking to?

I'm going to give you a checklist below - just follow the steps, tick them off as you complete them, and you'll have the beginnings of a new adventure!

1.  Write a post on your Facebook profile.

Say this in your post (tweak to suit your own style):

Hey!  I've been thinking about starting some super fun French/Spanish/Italian (fill in with your language) sessions for kids/Mums/families (fill in with your desired age group and/or ideas).

I've wanted to do this for ages, and now I'm actually going to START!!

Do you know anyone who might LOVE this?

I don't know where, when or exactly how, but I'm going to do it!


2. Talk to the Mums of your children's friends.

Do your own children go to childcare, preschool, school?
Do they have friends?
Do those friends have siblings and/or other friends?

If you see them at your children's activities, let them know.

I've been thinking of creating some cool language sessions/experiences.  What do you think?  Do you know anyone who might love that? 


3.  Talk to the educators at childcare.  Let them know.

Keep it casual and easy. 

Educators are always interested in experiences that add value to children's growth . . . they may even invite you to share an experience at their childcare centre!  (If they do, just say YES and figure it out as you go).  They may suggest that they could could mention it in their newsletter.  Or on a noticeboard.  Or they might just start talking about your idea to other Mums/Dads/Grandparents/friends.

3.  Send a text message or email to EVERYONE you can think of!

Say the same thing.

Some people will be genuinely interested.  Here's what you do next . . .


4.  Create a Messenger or WhatsApp group and invite those interested people into the group.

The sole purpose of this group is to make a plan.
Ask them their availability.
Ask them if they know of a nice place to run your sessions (you could invite them into your home or in your garden or in a park, or very often someone will suggest to bring the group to their home.  At this first stage, don't be too worried about finding a paid space (unless you really want to) - make it easy for yourself).

Just CHAT to them inside your new group and make some decisions.

You can be completely honest with them and say that you've never done it before, but that you're going to put some fun ideas together and just start!

That way you can relax about their expectations - people are very happy to support someone who's building something new.  They'll accompany you on your journey and grow alongside you.


5.  All you want to do next is keep in touch with them regarding your progress . . .

Post a photo in the group of a game you've bought or made, or the pieces of an activity that you'll be playing with the children (or if you're inviting adults for a grown-up language experience, put photos in that relate to that).

You want to create a delicious sense of anticipation as you bring all your ideas and plans together, so that when you're ready to meet, everyone's excited!

It would be a mistake to leave a long space of no communication once you get the chat group started.  Avoid saying that you'll let them know when you're ready and then just saying nothing for 3 weeks.  That's a great way for people to lose interest. 

All you have to do to keep them "hot" is show them bit by bit what you're creating.  Put in a little video of you saying . . .

"Hi!  Can't wait to see you all - I'm working on my first session as we speak, so stay tuned for more details." 

If you're someone who loves writing out your plans, then photograph your plans and post the photo with a fun caption.  If it's taking longer than you anticipated, maybe post an easy recipe from your culture. You get the idea; just keep them in the loop and make them look forward to their first session.

So, are you ready to start talking to your people?

Say YES!  And then you've started to create something amazing.


Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Start talking about your idea.

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