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The 5 Stages To Take You From Maybe to I've Started & I'm Loving It!


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The jump from just thinking about running your own sessions to actually starting can seem huge, right?

All those fears and nerves, combined with the uncertainty of trying something new can just make it feel like too big of a hurdle.

So what if we could break the process down into simple steps, with each step leading logically onto the next?

Where you could tick off the boxes, and say DONE to each little decision along the way.  Where each decision made builds your confidence, and each step taken creates experience, which in turn continues to build more confidence.

Well these 5 stages from Maybe to I've Started and I'm Loving It do just that!

I've called it the Inspiration Path.

Each stage describes how you feel, where you're at, and which steps will take you to the next stage, with milestones to be celebrated to mark you progress.

Now THAT feels good, right?

This episode describes each of the stages:

Stage 1 - Thinking
Stage 2 - Enquiring
Stage 3 - Planning
Stage 4 - Action
Stage 5 - Growing

Which stage are you at?
And what steps should you take to get you to the next stage?

You can get the accompanying Free PDF Guide and quiz and mark off each of the steps as you go along.
Access your Inspiration Path - 5 Stages here.

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Your path is inspired.

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