ep 10

The Gift You Give Yourself


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ep 10

The Gift You Give Yourself


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Being bilingual yourself, you already know about the wonderful benefits of exposure to new languages, and you've likely seen those benefits in your own children.

And if you're listening to this podcast (or reading these shownotes) it's likely because you're drawn to the idea of creating something amazing with your language, sharing all those benefits with more children/adults/families. 

But did you know that in doing so, the greatest gift is actually the one that you give yourself? 

It's true. 
It starts with this fact . . .

There's so much more to adapting to a new country than simply learning a new language.  Because that language is more than just words.  A language emcompasses and reflects a whole culture, a history, a mindset, an attitude, and therefore it can be really challenging to try to find where you can fit in to all of that, embracing your new environment while still feeling connected to the part of yourself that has lived with and absorbed your original culture and mindset.

This is where the beauty of running your own language and cultural sessions/experiences becomes a gift to yourself 

Because it creates the bridge that you'll often hear me refer to . . . 

 . . . the bridge that links your heritage, your family and your memories, with your present, and the country and culture and language that you're embracing now.  And that bridge gives you a place to be yourself. 

I mean, completely yourself. 

The YOU that emcompasses all those delicious layers that make up who you are.  And finding that place on the bridge gives you a freedom to express all of YOU, which in turn enhances your self-confidence and self-image.

The women I coach all report feeling really positive emotions once they start creating their own language experiences.

Like Connie, a lovely Chinese early childhood educator who wanted to find the courage to introduce Mandarin to the children at the preschool where she works.  And when she finally did, she described feeling so happy, and of finding her CONFIDENCE.

And Elmira, who was excited to share some of her Russian language through some cool games with the children at her childcare centre, and said that she felt so PROUD when she saw their enthusiasm and heard the children saying her Russian words and asking for more.

Alex, in my Team Cocorico here in Sydney, said that running her French sessions for kids has allowed her to feel complete.  COMPLETE.  How profound and beautiful is that?

Tanja from my online membership, CLUB Cocorico, says that she feels HERSELF when she shares her German with the children at childcare.

One of the biggest extra bonuses is that you end up charming yourself. 

I know, it sounds funny, but that's exactly what happens.

The more you create magical language and cultural experiences for others, no matter what age group from babies to adults, the more you get sucked into the very magic that you create.  

You end up finding yourself, and very naturally, step by step, your confidence grows and you begin to truly shine.  I've seen this time and time again with the ladies in my team and in my CLUB.

The gift that you share with others is so much more than the gift of your language; it is the gift of YOU.

And you'll find that those people who join your sessions/experiences will want more of YOU.  

You will be creating your own brand of magic that will attract the right people to you.

The two elements that blend together.

Ok, it's actually necessary to START in order to enjoy these benefits.

And I get that starting is the hardest bit.

So, ironically, the easiest way to gain the courage is NOT to focus on yourself; on what you look like, how you sound, how well or not well you expect to perform.  The trick to starting is to focus on those people who really want what you have to offer, and who really want it from YOU.

You may not realise it, but there are people out there hoping for someone like you to invite them to experience your language.  And for as long as you stop yourself because of fear, you are in effect depriving those lovely kids or families of those benefits.

So, in order to start, you focus on the joy that your future audience will receive.

The magic of your own personality and your own language is all you need to get you rolling.


You will gradually feel more inspired, gain more confidence, enhance your skills and techniques, and begin creating your own brand of magic.

And you'll begin to charm yourself.

It's that bridge again. 

When you invite people onto the bridge, that's where the magic happens, for them and for you.

Remind yourself regularly . . . you have a gift. 

Your gift is not just your language.
It is everything that is YOU, mixed up and deliciously entwined in fabulous language/culture experiences that you can create, and all you have to do is share it to add that touch of magic into your own life.

If you can relate, jump into my private fb group and share your thoughts and experiences; it's the place to be to move you through those first stages of  making a decision to start, and then getting yourself ready to begin.

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Share it.

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