ep 10

Being Your Own Boss & Doing What You Love With Your Language
(with Adriana Chowaniok)

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ep 10

Being Your Own Boss & Doing What You Love With Your Language

 (with Adriana Chowaniok)

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Ever wondered what it might be like to be your own boss and do what you love with your language?
Adriana Chowaniok has. 

And she's about to redirect her career towards just that.
Having moved from Argentina to Australia almost 30 years ago, Adriana has been combining working as an Early Childhood Educator with sharing her Spanish language and culture with the children (both at childcare and in her own sessions) in a variety of ways. 

Now, having felt the pull to be more of herself as she moves into the next exciting phase of her life, Adriana has finally found the courage to gradually bring her talents, experience and the joys of her language together and grow her Yo Hablo sessions into something sustainable and full of fun, for herself and for all her participants. 

Just thinking about it won't show you what you can do.  You have to actually DO IT, and then you'll see what you're capable of. 
(Adriana Chowaniok)

In this episode, you'll discover:

* How Adriana didn't trust herself, was worried that she wouldn't be able to share her language with children, and discovered that in fact, she WAS capable and the children LOVED it

* How celebrating cultures and languages with children creates such a rich environment and has really positive effects on children 

* Why reconnecting with the fun side of you, and bringing that into your sessions, from toddlers all the way up to adults, allows you to relax, find your spontaneity, rediscover your inspiration and really be the best of yourself.

*  Why just thinking about it won't show you what you're capable of, and that the only way to discover what you can really do is to get out there and do it (even if you're really scared).

If you're ready to hear how you can continue to grow right throughout your life, and rediscover inspiration even if you're feeling a little lost, then this episode is for you.

Just look at the gorgeous presentations Adriana creates for the children - so inspiring.  And also her new mascot puppet, Oliver.  After all her fear, she did the most amazing job, and YOU CAN, TOO!!

adri honey 2

adri bear 3

adri bear 2

adri puppet

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Discover what you're capable of.

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