ep 10

Time to Imagine What Life Could Be Like

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ep 10

Time to Imagine What Life Could Be Like

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Have you wondered what your days might look like if they were filled with language sessions that YOU run?


Imagine walking up to the door of a childcare centre and having children greet you with hugs and excitement, immediately telling you stories of their lastest graze, their new shoes, their visit to their cousins, and asking, "What did you bring today?  What game are we playing?

You'll chat with the teachers and staff, with whom you've developed a lovely relationship, and then you'll get your first group of children together ready to start.

Sitting in a circle on the mat, the children enthusiastically call out all the action words in your introductory ACTION activity that they are now sooooo good at.  And you spend the next 15 or 20 minutes playing the cool game that you've brought, children saying words in your language, laughing and waiting for their turn with anticipation.

You do the same with a couple more groups, have a chat with the eductors, sign out and head back to your car (which, if it's anything like mine, has a boot/trunk full of games and activities), and head off to your next session.

How fun is that?!

I can tell you that after nearly 20 years of doing this, the joy never wears off.  I have always left feeling a great sense of happiness and fulfillment. 

Yes, there are frustrating times with crazy children, and a bunch of what I like to call "crowd control" techniques to discover, but it's all part of the experience.  If you enjoy being with kids, like to develop relationships, and love the idea of enchanting with your language, then I bet you're gonna love it as much as I have!

Maybe rather than taking your language sessions to childcare centres, you have children come to you.  Maybe you hire a room, or invite them to your home.  It's the same thing, in reverse, as they enter your space with the same enthusiasm, eager to know what you'll all be playing today. Then you get to have great chats with the parents, hearing their stories of how the children are using your words at home, of how they look forward to their French day (or Spanish or German, or whatever your language is).

These two factors will make all the difference to your experience:

1.  It really is all about the relationships.  Relationships that are built over time, with the children, the teachers and staff, and also the parents.  Invite educators and parents to join you in the circle from time to time and you'll see their big smiles and win them over into your world as much as you do the children.

2.  Be the sunshine as you enter the space; let your warmth, enthusiasm and passion shine from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.  This is the vibe that you will leave them with, the feeling that they will connect with your language sessions and carry with them about your language.  YOU are the magic that ignites their fascination with languages and cultures, cultivates their curiosity, and inspires them with dreams of travel to amazing places.

I have loved this life, and you can create your very own verison and feel this joy and fulfillment in your own life.

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Create something AMAZING with your voice.

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**2 Games with which to enchant the children **
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