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Getting Clear on What You Really Want

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This morning I had a lovely walk on the beach . . . 

with Alex, one of my Team Cocorico members, and we chatted and chatted about all sorts of things, including how when we feel great, we get more inspiration, more ideas, and life seems to conspire to put amazing things on our path.

Driving home I realised that every time I talk about feeling unsure, I feel worse.  And that when I get clear on the little things that I KNOW I love, and just keep doing those, good stuff happens. 

So then I start having great ideas, which I'm having right now (as in, right this moment) and since leaving our chat, I know what I'm going to focus on each day, and I feel FAB!  Right now.  

This was a really good lesson for me;

. . . .to stop talking about what's not quite right, including what we're unsure about, and just think about the stuff that we know we love and want.  And all the rest just starts falling into place . . . and sooo quickly! 

We don't need to see the whole picture and how all the jigsaw pieces fall into place,

. . . and we don't need to TRY to figure it all out; we just need to let it happen as we recognise one little piece more. 

So I realised all this, and then I get home and there's a post in my online CLUB from one of my members, who is soooo happy because her Spanish playgroup is really "successful" (her words), and all these cool things are happening for her.  Which makes me feel great, and motivated, and excited to answer all her questions.  See?  As soon as we stop wasting our time thinking about what we feel weird about, and decide to focus on what we DO know that we want (which for me is sharing what works for me and helping others to feel great and experience what they want to create for themselves), life seems to conspire to make it happen!

So I invite you to try this . . .

Think of something that you know you love doing and would like to do more of, and think of how you FEEL when you do it.  Then smile and carry on with your day. 

See how the adventure unfolds. 

Find your voice.  Be your voice.  Use your voice to create something AMAZING.

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