You dared to imagine a different life for yourself.

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 It's exciting and nerve-wracking and brave and emotional all at once, right?!

Finding your place within a new culture is a big deal
a door to enormous personal growth.

How do you meld the woman you've been up until now

with the woman who will fit confidently into this new culture
and still feel like YOU?

Guess what!  I discovered the secret . . .

The secret is to create your identity on purpose.

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It all began when I encouraged my workshop participants to LOVE their accents!

You see, they were all trying so hard to “fit in” with the Aussie culture, and to sound like an Aussie so that they didn’t feel so different, that they had lost a part of themselves.

And that part was the confidence to step out as the fascinating women they are, an enticing mix of their heritage and their adopted country and culture, delighting and charming with their accents, and celebrating all the fascinating aspects of their evolving identity.

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Hi!  I'm Judith
I help women to rediscover and reinvent themselves in a new country.

Because it’s not always easy to confidently find your place in a new culture, is it?  Culture shock is a real thing. And as for finding your way around the language barrier . . . oh là là, that sure takes some courage!

It's so easy to lose your confidence and sense of self in this environment that feels sooooo different to what you're used to.

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That's why when I encouraged these wonderful women at my workshops to LOVE their accents and to see their native languages as their SUPERPOWER, their faces lit up!

Having been told for years that they needed to adapt and fit in to their new culture in order to be happy, here was a new idea that magically elevated their self-confidence.

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Because you want to really enjoy being exactly who you are, right?
No matter where you are in the world.

You want to feel like YOU at the same time as confidently feeling a part of your adopted country and culture.



Here's the thing . . .

You are so much more than the influence of cultures and nationalities.

Although these aspects add delightful and colourful layers to how you feel and how you show up in your life, they are only some of the delicious ingredients that make you, YOU.

Loving your accent and seeing your native language as a wonderful superpower that adds to your charm is the beginning of a path to

Creating Your Identity on Purpose.

Of discovering and owning your own unique style.

The way you choose to blend the charms of your heritage with the delights of your adopted culture creates your own magical recipe.  And when you celebrate that, the doors to confidence and joy burst right open!

And the fun is in designing and celebrating WHO YOU'RE BECOMING.




You get to be the

Heroine of Your Identity.

The Chef. The Designer.

And your own Cheerleader.




Me, too.

I’m an Aussie with French influence from my husband and his family. We all live near Sydney and have navigated this blend of contrasting customs, perspectives, habits and ways of seeing the world in our own individual ways.

It hasn’t always been easy.

But what if it could be easy? And fun!

What if you could navigate the contrasts with a sense of fascination?
If you could deliberately choose the aspects that you love from each of the cultures, and create your identity on purpose?

No more wobbling between two or more cultures trying to figure out who you are, what you identify with, and where you fit in.


That’s what I’m here for.

To walk with you, lift you up, guide and mentor you to becoming the deliberate creator of your own unique identity, so that . . .

you can navigate all the challenges and delights of contrasting cultures, language barriers, homesickness, mixed-nationality work environments, relationships and, well, just plain living, loving and blossoming in your adopted country with aplomb!

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(Don't you just love that word, aplomb?  If you haven't heard it yet, it means

self-assurance   poise   confidence    polish   ease    spunk    composure   dignity   calm  finesse

What's not to love about feeling like that, right?!)  

Oh yeah, and it's one of those surprising words that doesn't sound the way it's spelt (just to make it tricky for everyone ;-))
It's pronounced, ah-plum!

If moving to a new country was an extraordinary and emotional adventure, consider this to be your newest adventure, your biggest and most profound 
adventure . . . 

To be fascinated with your own evolution, to feel magnificent with who you are in your own expanding story, and to rock your evolving identity with Confidence, Style and Joy!



Here's how you can begin.


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