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This book celebrates YOU, and all the fabulous qualities you maybe never realised you had as you dared to imagine a different life for yourself in a new country with a new language and culture.



Here's what readers are saying . . .

The material really hit home for me in an entertaining and genuine way that made me want to make changes."

Catherine (Norwegian, living in Australia)

"A heart-warming, soul-searching, uplifting book
with many laugh-out-loud moments. A clear 5/5 rating that presented itself right when I needed it."

Anne (Irish, living in England)

"Thank you for writing this awesome book about our journey as an immigrant.
Even just reading the intro, I feel important, as if it was written just for me."

(Anabel, Mexican living in Canada)




YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE IS YOUR SUPERPOWER (Reinventing Yourself With Joy in a New Country) is a guide to transforming your journey into a magical opportunity to reinvent yourself and use all the delicious contrast of your native culture and your adopted culture to create your own unique brand of Confidence, Style and Joy.

From culture shock to homesickness to the language barrier, from work environments to mixed-nationality relationships and more, following the powerful guided exercises weaved throughout the book will leave you feeling proud of yourself and excited about the fascinating woman you are becoming.


Whether you're about to move or you've been living in your adopted country for years, get ready to immerse yourself in a powerful new adventure to become the heroine of your identity and evolve into the woman you want to be, wherever you are in the world.

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This book made me feel understood. It helped put ideas and feelings into words that I felt uncomfortable thinking about before. I was always excited to start a new chapter and get another helpful tip I could apply in my daily life.

By the end I was feeling calmer and a lot more confident and empowered about my journey ahead. I gained a new sense of direction and felt just a little bit less alone.

Simply “wunderbar”. Judith reminded me of how amazing it actually is to speak more than one language and have created a life far away from my home country.

It is amazing to know 
how you can live in the middle of “The Bridge” – between two cultures, two languages, or even more – and embrace them all to make the very unique YOU. The happiness and positivity in this book are amazing.

Captivating and inspirational, with so many things and situations that no one has talked about or addressed before. A unique and innovative way to see your language and culture and embrace your own uniqueness.

I felt the empowerment.

I really resonated with the idea of crafting my own identity!

I just love the style, it's so easy to read and so relatable while also piquing my interest and bringing a new perspective.  It felt like we were having a real-life conversation while also having concrete steps to implement.

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your native language is your superpower book free chapter

Enjoy your own personal evolution, lovely.
It's one of the inevitable aspects of life, so we may as well do it on purpose and have a blast in the process!

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